Total Circulatory Massage

It is used to stimulate, regulate and strengthen the circulatory system, favoring oxygenation of cells and organs and eliminating the waste accumulated in the tissues of lymphatic system, acts on the circulatory system, starting from the peripheral veins up to the point of arrival to the heart. Starting at the tip of the feet is a great start to perform the circulatory massage in the best of ways.

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Relaxing Massage

It is an extremely relaxing and soothing massage, designed to relieve muscle tension and so on emotional stress accumulated in the tissues. It is a massage of western origin, but yes refers to the oriental philosophies according to which Body and Mind form a single thing and give life to a be unique and unrepeatable.

Aromatic Massage

The massage is performed with essential oils and is also called “soul massage”, fruit the healing properties of the essences through which it is possible to treat some common disorders. In East the use of perfumed ointments has always been widespread. This particular type of massage holistic is useful both for those who receive it and for those who do it, since the aromas that are used during the process they act in the same way on “masseur” and “massaged”.

Anti-cellulite Massage

Cellulite is a condition whereby the skin has a lumpy appearance, characterized by the presence of dimples. This particular type of massage is used to dispose of water retention in excess within our body, especially of the legs, is a very ancient remedy that has the function to activate the resources of the whole organism, stimulating the circulation, removing the waste substances and toning the body.

Bioenergetic Massage

Relaxing and anti-stress treatment that uses a mixture of Western techniques and Eastern. Draining, it reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulation, it gives tranquility, serenity, it is exceptional in cases of insomnia, stress, water retention, it gives lightness and energy charge. Not uses oils.

Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic, relaxing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory massage reduces stress and regulates hormonal activity. The therapeutic massage has a relaxing, decontracting, and circulatory function inflammatory. Reduces stress, regulates hormonal activity, keeping hormones at bay like cortisol and norepinephrine, harmful to the immune system.

Mud Purifying Algae Massage

Before practicing the massage a special mud is applied to the whole body with a lot of algae creamy, rich in thermal water. This pack absorbs the excess liquid present by osmosis in the fabrics, calling it outside, and therefore has a slimming, reducing and draining effect. The substances present in the algae eliminate all the waste, being particularly effective in the fight against water retention and excess fats.

Ayurveda massage

Ayurvedic massage is a holistic massage, this means that whoever receives the massage comes considered by the masseur in his physical, mental and spiritual wholeness. All medicine Ayurvedic and ayurvedic massage techniques are based on the stimulation of the chakras, that is the energy centers of the body, helps to eliminate toxins through purification, strengthens muscle tone, relaxes and rejuvenates the body.

Lymphatic drainage

By lymphatic drainage we mean a particular technique of gentle and rhythmic massage that favors the natural lymph circulation within our body. Lymphatic drainage, or lymphatic drainage, is a manual technique performed on the parts of the body along which the lymphatic vessels flow in order to favor the flow of accumulated liquids.

Firming Massage

This type of massage is done by touching or pressing the body with the hands to dissolve the fats and Harden. This is why the benefits of a firming massage are more evident after a pregnancy or a fair weight loss.

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