Face cleansing 60′

Facial cleansing is a cosmetic treatment that has as its main purpose the removal from facial skin of various impurities, dead cells (the horny lamellae being desquamated) and i blackheads (blackheads). What is certain is that the beautician will take care of making small, but important changes in cleaning the face depending on the type of skin, they explain the type of your skin if it is skin is oily or mixed it is preferable to avoid the use of oily or too foamy products.

Face lymph 20′

Lymphatic drainage on the face touches the lymphatic stations with slow and delicate manipulations starting from neck and going up to the forehead and oral cavity. This massage acts on the lymphatic system, favoring a faster course of the infection and the consequent reduction of symptoms

Face massage 15′

A facial massage has the regenerating effect will be visible not only on the skin and muscles facial: the effects of a facial massage on the entire central nervous system are surprising.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Face Treatment with mold and pure Collagen Mask

This type of treatment allows you to act on the skin of the face, alleviating wrinkles and smoothing out treats, in a non-invasive way and without the need to resort to surgery. In addition, the application a collagen mask is recommended in all those face treatments designed to combat states indicative of senescence such as: dehydration, wrinkles, skin atony, loss of elasticity

Goji Berry Antioxidant Face Treatment

Goji berries scientifically known as Lycium Barbarum, are used in medicine Chinese for over two centuries. These berries contain a high percentage of able active ingredients to counteract premature skin aging, this treatment can only help cellular regeneration of the skin, hydration and a free radicals action.

Seaweed Face Treatment

The sea and algae in particular are becoming protagonists of our beauty with numerous treatments for face, body and even hair. What are the properties of algae? They are certainly antioxidants, but also rich in minerals and vitamins, all excellent elements for the our body and in particular to take care of the skin.

Anti-Age Filler Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid

Focusing on beauty, hyaluronic acid filler seems the ideal solution to correct (and improve) small imperfections of the facial skin gives hydration, elasticity and softness to the tissues, while protecting them from excessive stress. Being a very molecule soluble in an aqueous medium, hyaluronic acid is as if it behaved like a large sponge gelatinous able to lubricate the tissues. And to keep them hydrated.

Sensitive Skin Treatment

Sensitive skin manifests itself in the condition of a skin that feels uncomfortable and communicates it through tingling, heat, redness, roughness, dryness and feeling of stretching. For to counteract these phenomena that act on the skin, we are waiting for you in our center.

Thermal Mud Mask Treatment

Suitable for all types of skin, dry, combination and oily, freeing the skin from impurities and cells death, reducing excess sebum, the mud mask is remineralizing and very rich in trace elements. After removing the mud from the face and obtaining a natural scrub effect, it comes carried out a light massage, creating a further delicate peeling, releasing it from impurities and dead and devitalized cells.

Mud mask and seaweed

They have a remarkable power whose waters are rich in minerals and sulphurous trace elements, chlorinated o salsoiodici, they help to give the skin a smoother and more compact appearance, the algae they make up this mask provides a hydration concentrate, it also strengthens the lipid barrier. THE minerals and vitamins present soothe and firm giving a relaxed and rested appearance skin, which immediately appears brighter and regenerated.

Eye Treatment with Pure Collagen Sheet

This collagen treatment has an intensive moisturizing, soothing, smoothing effect against wrinkles since it promotes the deep penetration of its active principle. This treatment revitalizes cells, stimulates blood and lymphatic microcirculation, a reduction of edema local, an elimination, attenuation of the orange peel appearance.

Nourishing Shea and Aloe Treatment

The virtues of Aloe restores hydration and firmness to the face, combined with the precious properties of the Karitè butter cream is a natural butter, with a high content of phytoterols: nourishing, protective and soothing, they give immediate relief to easily irritable and delicate skin.


Relying on the professionalism of a competent and qualified beautician, such as the staff of our center aesthetic, you will have elegant and healthy hands and nails. Manicure helps prevent and relieve many nail alterations and give us a pleasant moment of relaxation during which to take care of our Hands.

Nails 1920x950

Manicure + Semi-permanent nail polish

If you want shiny and flawless nails that last longer than normal nail polish, then a manicure semi-permanent is right for you. The manicure with permanent nail polish is among the most popular because allows you to have flawless nails for a long time without the risk of finding yourself with chipped nail polish.

Aesthetic pedicure

There are two ways to treat and cure the feet, aesthetic pedicure and curative pedicure, two ways different, but with some similarities, to take care of the feet. The aesthetic pedicure consists of a foot bath, nail adjustment and filing, removal of superficial calluses e the application of moisturizing cream and nail polish, all to be performed at least once a month for beauty and well-being of feet and nails.

Curative pedicure

The curative pedicure, treats those blemishes that, if not taken in time, could become pathological. The first phase concerns the foot bath, the feet are soaked in the water lukewarm for about ten minutes, in order to soften the skin of the foot. Second phase after the footbath, the beautician will eliminate the excesses of skin hyperkeratosis “calluses”. Third phase goes to cutting of the nails, likely to be incumbent on an ingrown toenail, the severity will be assessed: in more cases slight, the nail will be eliminated with the scissors or the nippers, taking care not to provoke wounds, in fact, the ideal cut of the toenail is short and flat, with slightly tapered edges.

Pedicure + Semi-permanent nail polish

One of the pleasures of life is to admire the toenails after applying the nail polish. The pedicure + semi-permanent nail polish consists of a foot bath, the adjustment and filing of the nails, eliminate the surface calluses and the application of moisturizing cream and nail polish.


Paraffin Hand Treatment

It is performed in many beauty centers and is a great way not only to make hands softer and velvety, but also to open the pores and make any creams and products applied more effective subsequently, paraffin is an excellent therapy to treat joint inflammations and more.

Paraffin Foot Treatment

Thanks to its vasodilating effects, blood circulation is stimulated and relieved immediately the sensation of pain. And that’s why this substance always appears to be more present in wellness centers.

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Take care of your hands and nails with our manicures. Have manicured, healthy and aesthetically perfect hands and nails
it is essential to always feel at ease and confident.
By relying on the professionalism of a competent and qualified beautician of our staff you will have elegant and healthy nails.

Total waxing

Hygiene: the hair, you know, retain microbes and odors, total hair removal provides greater hygiene and allows the skin to hydrate more easily. The right cosmetic, if you want the result to last about 30 days, it’s the wax. Do you shiver at the mere idea? Follow our advice and you will find that it is less annoying than you think.

Partial waxing

Every woman knows that shaving will be one of those actions she will have to perform punctually throughout waist: legs, armpits, groin and often also arms. Inguinal hair removal is now one custom spread all year round and not only in summer. Hair in the armpits is very annoying not only because they are unsightly also because they trap sweat and therefore risk doing persisting bad smells throughout the day. Groin depilation is a topic that does not go away never in fashion, for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to always have smooth legs, both in winter and Summer?

Epilation involves removing the entire hair , with tools like waxing, which are meant to weaken
the hair structure
, the duration of the effect is superior and guarantees smooth skin for at least 4 weeks.

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