Wellness Path

  • Infrared sauna

  • Salt cave with Chromotherapy

  • Roman Tub with Hydromassage and Chromotherapy

  • Natural Sauna

  • Pools

The sauna to infrared allows the body to get rid of many toxins and is also effective for joint pains. The sauna can be a pleasant, relaxing and very relaxing experience. The sense of well-being is due to the increase in endorphins due to heat. The increase in temperature in the sauna can relieve pain and chronic fatigue. 
The main benefits that the salt cave can bring to its visitors influence the respiratory system, the skin and the nervous system. 
These caves are often equipped with systems capable of nebulizing salt microparticles in the air, so that people can breathe it and take advantage of the benefits . The salt particles , once introduced into the respiratory tract, are able to soothe inflammation of the mucous membranes, helping to fluidize the mucus and free the bronchi. 
In addition to direct breathing, salt is also absorbed through the skin . Salt is able to reduce inflammation and improve circulation which is why your skin will definitely be improved at the end of the session.
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